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Campus Minister Shares Insights

Bret Gresham is the campus minister for the Wesley organization at Virginia Tech, the United Methodist Church's outreach ministry on college campuses.

Gresham is beginning his 15th year at the helm of the program, however he began his spiritual journey at Virginia Tech in an unlikely place: on the football team. Following his time with the Hokies, Gresham attended Duke Divinity School to become an ordained minister.

He is humble, choosing to speak about the organization and its goals rather than himself when interviewed. His passions lie in helping his students become the best versions of themselves through their faith and community. His area of expertise is pastoral care, guiding his students on their spiritual journey together.

As the leader of Wesley he helps to organize the events that bring his students together including family dinners on Sundays, worship on Wednesdays, and fellowship on Fridays. Other opportunities overseen by Gresham include 209 Market, the organization's pantry for the food insecure.

Important to Gresham is the fact that all are welcome at Wesley, regardless of who they are. The doors are always open at Wesley to all who pass by. Once involved, students have the opportunity to join Communities of Grace to connect with other like-minded students and learn about the ministry areas

The key challenge faced by Gresham and the organization is fundraising. He cites the generous alumni for their support, however he also notes that the building is the number one concern.

Moving forward, Gresham hopes to grow capacity in the ministry both in people and in fundraising.

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